The Chinese company CRCC provided the implementation, financing and investment of the suburban rail transport project, which was designed in the form of transport between packages and vertical, and reduces the burden on the state because of its very high cost, and the Hijaz Line Corporation is currently studying this offer. This group of products, which are used in collecting projects, and used in assembling them in a project, is a project management company, and this group carried out the project grouping process in the year 2001 – Al-Shubbak Bridge) and the percentage of tunnels implementation reached 70% before the work stopped in 2011 Because of the occurrence of events in Syria.
highlighted by the fact that the network’s location, with its three existing axes, in addition to the Damascus axis – Damascus International Airport since 2007, has been consistent with regional studies of Damascus and its vital surroundings in terms of transportation booms to and from the city of Damascus through the following axes (Damascus Axis, Hijaz Station, Al Qadam Station, Mrs. Zainab – Exhibition City – Ghazlania – Damascus International Airport with a length of 30 km, Second – Damascus Al-Hijaz Station – Al-Qadam Station – Al-Kiswah – to the universities in Ghabagheb with a length of 45 km, the third axis – Al-Hijaz Station – Al-Qadam – Daraya – Al-Moadamiya – Qatana with a length of 27 km And the fourth axis, the Hijaz station – Dummar Qudsaya – the important, with a length of 13 km.