The Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection approved the decision of the extraordinary general assembly of the Syrian Towers Private Joint Stock Company, in which it was decided to dissolve the company.
According to the Ministry’s Resolution No. 2944, which was reviewed by Emaar Syria, Mr. Thaer Al-Lahham was appointed as a liquidator for the company, and he was delegated all the powers necessary for liquidation, including moving bank accounts and withdrawing and depositing funds.

The liquidator is also entitled to sell the company’s assets, including shares and shares in other companies, and sell their real estate and movable assets, if any, provided that he submits a quarterly report on the liquidation work to the General Assembly and invites it to convene every 6 months.
And the Ministry of Tourism announced in December 2018 that the Syria Holding Company started work on the Syria Towers project in the Baramkeh area after a halt for years as a result of the crisis, with the company confirming its commitment to a timetable for implementation, but the stoppage continued, which led to the termination of the contract with the company by the owner of Damascus Project land.
The Syria Towers project is two towers with a height of 60 floors, and the second tower is slightly less than the first. The land area is 33,000 m², which used to include a number of service and entertainment facilities, namely

– Administrative office buildings specially built and fully equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the comfort of their workers.

– A five-star hotel with global management with its complementary activities, it offers its visitors the best services and meets the needs of travelers for business or tourism and recreation, and the hotel also contains a conference center equipped with the latest equipment in addition to hotel apartments.

A shopping center that includes a variety of shops.

– Restaurants and cafes that cater to the various tastes of the city’s people and visitors, by offering local and international food items in a contemporary atmosphere.

An amusement center and advanced cinemas that offer visitors the latest movies.
-Underground car parks provide an easy place for cars to enter and exit.