Director of Youth Housing at the Public Housing Corporation, Maoya Rangus, said in a press statement: We have a hundred thousand subscribers, and we place our official advertisements on our website and on our Facebook page, which are advertisements for citizens and they are supposed to always be in contact with us or refer to us directly. She added: We do not inform the subscribers personally because many people, since 2004 and until now, have changed their “mobile” numbers or did not have a mobile number. The origin or the location of their residence changed because of the events and they did not inform us about their new place of residence, indicating that legally speaking, all advertisements are made through their website or their Facebook page or through the media such as official newspapers. reported that the obligated ones are allocated first, and then comes the role of those who have failed to pay the installments. The director of youth housing added: There is a new allocation that will be issued in months 11 and 12 of this year, stressing that the entire project (the youth housing project) will be prepared at the same time, and she explained that those who have been allocated have an 80% readiness rate for their housing. This statement came after a complaint filed by one of the people subscribing to the youth housing in the suburb of Qudsaya, who found that upon his visit to the question about the housing situation that he had no name in the list of subscribers and his name was removed due to his failure to come on the specified date.

Source: Teshreen