Prices of building materials in Syria A ton of iron arrives to a million and a half Syrian pounds, and a ton of cement is 120,000.
The price of a ton of brominated iron jumped to its highest price in Syria for more than 10 years, when the price touched the levels of one million five hundred thousand pounds, while the price of a ton of cement ranged between 100 and 120 thousand SP on the black market affected by a price increase in government institutions that raised Its price ranges from 46 thousand to 70 thousand.
The Director General of the Cement Corporation, Eng. Mohamed Wanous, explained the main reason for raising the price of cement is the increase in the prices of production requirements of raw materials and power carriers (fuel) and the prices of replacement parts and packaging materials (polypropylene bags) linked to the exchange rate, which in turn led to an increase in production costs in Affiliated companies of the corporation.
Pointing out that there are no stores of cement material in the warehouses of the corporation’s subsidiary companies, as this material is disposed of by Omran Corporation by drawing its share of that material, and the remaining 25% is discharged by the companies through accreditors that the corporation has already concluded with them Fundamental contracts and they extract material on a daily basis.
He explained that the price of a bag of cement was raised by 1,200 pounds after a careful financial study of the costs of the product and that it is a natural and reasonable increase compared to the price of the material in the private sector and has nothing to do with fighting the black market, but rather as a result of the high costs of the product,
Also that the fight against the black market is the responsibility of the competent supervisory authorities. As for the responsibility of the institution and its companies, it is confined to the campus of those companies only and not outside them.
As for iron prices, the price of a ton of brominated iron for construction work has reached one million and 475 thousand pounds, which is the highest price for it in more than 10 years, according to some companies that sell building materials, which the “Business 2” website reviewed.
As for clinker, which is a raw material in the cement industry, News confirmed that there are stocks of this substance in companies, especially since this stock is strategic.
In turn, the assistant director of Mr.Omran Suhail Asamandar explained that the Foundation demanded, through several official books, to the General Cement Corporation, to supply it with the full quantity and did not receive a response, and that if Omran had been given full quantities, the situation would have been different and the citizen would have obtained the material at the officially announced price and he would not have had to buy it on the black market.