, Amran Dara’a, the branch of the General Foundation for Internal Trade for Metals and Building Materials, is witnessing a large turnout by citizens to secure their needs of black cement due to the huge price difference between the foundation and the market. The director of the Foundation’s, Mr. Rami Al-Najm, stated to SANA correspondent today that the distribution of cement is currently to the owners of building licenses, craftsmen and requests for damages sent from city councils, towns and the public sector, pointing to the great demand for buying cement from the branch because of the price differences between the public and private sectors, which requires an increase in quantities Supplied to the branch. Al-Najm added that the branch sells one ton of cement for 47.5 thousand SYP compared to 90 thousand SYP in the private sector, and has a balance today of 561 tons, indicating that the distribution takes place in three centers in the cities of Daraa, Izra’a and Sanamen. Also mentioned that the branch has 12 centers, four of them are out of service because the damage from terrorism works in Al-Shajara, Tafas, Busra Al-Sham and Al-Harak.