in conjunction with the continued return of the people to their homes, most of which became rubble and the rest of them were partially destroyed and a few were standing, but they were also subjected to some bursts of bullets and mortars.
Two years ago, the people returned to their city, and tears of joy were mixed with sadness at same time, after two years had passed since the control of Daraya was regained by the Syrian Arab Army.
Some residents were able to reach their home and others could not find a way to reach due to the percentage of destruction that the city was subjected to, and some were hampered by the rubble that was an obstacle to movement.
Today, four years after the liberation, and two years after the municipality and the people entered the area, Mr.Marwan Obeid, head of the Daraya City Council, told Al-Khobar TV: “The number of people living in Daraya has reached 15,000, and the return continues.”
“We entered Daraya in the tenth month of 2018, and during these two years the municipality, the police station, the clinic, the telephone, and the automatic oven were rehabilitated,” Mr.Obaid said. Sewage, water and electricity networks were also rehabilitated, rubble was removed from all roads, in addition to asphalt maintenance, as main roads were paved, according to Obaid.

As for schools, “four schools have been activated and they are within service, and three schools are currently being rehabilitated, and an internal transport line and a microbus line have been reactivated.”
And the head of the Daraya City Council added that “the Al-Noufs Building has been rehabilitated and work will begin in the next few days, and for the Syrian trade, once or twice a week, car is sent to distribute food supplies and sell food, and work is underway to establish a permanent headquarters for the Syrian Trade Hall.” ‘Darayya popular market agricultural products from the farmer to the consumer without an intermediary.
Mr.Obaid pointed out that “the Daraya Church, a number of mosques, and a popular market have been rehabilitated for the sellers.”
It is noteworthy that the city of Daraya returned to the control of the Syrian state on August 26, 2016, after an agreement between the Syrian state and the militant organizations that controlled it, which ruled the departure of those who rejected the agreement towards Idlib.