Hazem Ajjan, director of Sheikh Najjar Industrial City in Aleppo, stated that the number of industrial establishments currently producing in the city has reached 675 establishments operating in the four industrial sectors of food, textile, chemical and engineering.
He explained in his statement to “Al-Watan” that with the approaching end of the current year, it can be said: The number of industrial establishments that have entered into production since the beginning of the current year 2020 until its end is about 75, and it is expected during the first quarter of next year 2021 that 200 new industrial establishments will enter In production, they are installations distributed between new construction, rehabilitation and maintenance.

In a related context, Ajjan pointed out that the industrial city has completed the implementation of the study of the craft area, which is of a modern design, and it has been handed over to the General Union of Craftsmen to start allocating the divisions for craftsmen and the implementation of the project, which has become in the custody of the Craftsmen Union and is responsible for all the details related to the implementation, as these were allocated The craft area with 500 divisions for the blacksmithing craft, at the request of the Craftsmen Union, because the blacksmithing craft does not have a specialized site in Aleppo, and it will be on an area of ​​5 hectares.

He added: The administration of the industrial city has ensured the delivery of all services and infrastructure to the entrance to the craft zone, and upon starting the implementation of the project and allocating the switches, the infrastructure is connected to each divider, which is electricity, water, telephone and sanitation, pointing out that after the implementation of this craft area will be opened. Another handicraft will be dedicated to the craft of leather industries, according to the priority of the General Union of Craftsmen.
In another context, Ajjan explained that the Ministry of Water Resources is currently rehabilitating the pumping station for industrial water, which is used for industrial purposes, in order to provide industrial water on a permanent basis, provided that rehabilitation and maintenance work will end in the fourth month of next year 2021, while currently the industrial water is connected to the borders. The minimum quantity required for an ambulance solution until the pumping station rehabilitation works are completed.

Ajjan revealed that the most important demands of the industrialists in Sheikh Najjar Industrial City focus on the stability of the electric current in order to ensure the continuity of production in the industrial facilities, in addition to the demand to facilitate access to and from the border crossings and the re-operation of Aleppo International Airport to secure the movement of transportation, which contributes to activating the production wheel, and leads to improving the economic reality For the country in general.