The list includes many projects nominated for the International Award “ICCROM Sharjah” for good practices in the preservation and protection of cultural heritage in the Arab region in its current session 2019-2020, included the restoration of the Soukatia market in Aleppo from among 15 cultural projects from Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan and Jordan.
The Soukatia market in Aleppo was opened last October, completed after developing scientific studies and a detailed plan for the region with Syrian expertise in cooperation between the Ministry of Culture, the Syrian Secretariat for Development, the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums, the Aleppo City Council and the Aga Khan.

The restoration of the Soukatia market has all the factors that qualify it to gain the award, including the scientific studies done for the site, the preparations for launching the restoration processes, the methodology used for the restoration project, defining the tasks and cooperation between the relevant authorities to complete the required work on time, returning to the historical eras of each building and its construction date, focusing on buildings in near Umayyad Mosque, according to the agency “SANA”.

The studies of the restoration processes were characterized by documenting and recording the decorative elements distributed throughout the market, in order to make the shops take on a consistent nature.
The market includes more than 53 shops devoted to sale sweets and nuts, and is the primary center for the markets of the ancient city of Aleppo.

The Soukatia market considers the link between the markets of the old city, extending from the door of Antioch on the western side of Old Aleppo to the Al-Zerb market opposite the Aleppo Citadel to the east.

Mention that the International Award “ICCROM” is awarded once every two years and aims to honor and reward distinguished works that contribute to protecting and reviving the cultural heritage in the region, includes two categories, buildings and heritage sites, collectibles and museum collections in cultural institutions such as museums and archives.