Although nearly a year has passed since the Tartous City Council issued a decision on public events to amend the approved organizational plan for the eastern front of the Corniche, the file is still in Tartous and has not been submitted to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing on the subject of the General Secretariat. Because of this big delay, these pictures appear on the front of the picture, the image appears in the following picture.
Alot of the people submitted a complaint to the area in which they demanded an investigation into the reasons for the delay and to speed up the work on a plan with a space taking into account all the objections that were submitted from the real estate on the front and directly behind it.
The head of Tartous City Council, Mr.Mohamed Zein, in response to these complaints, stated that the city council issued Decision No. 102 on the 16th of October of last year approving the amendment of the organizational plan approved for the city of Tartous for the eastern front of the Corniche, according to the organizational planning study prepared by Tishreen University Accordingly, and in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 5 of 1982 and its amendments, the Governorate of Tartous was contacted to obtain approval for the exceptional declaration according to Medina Book No. 5563 / p. P Date 10-20-2019,And the announcement was published on November 7, 2019 for a period of thirty days ending on 6-12-2019, during which objections were submitted by citizens living on the eastern front of the sea corniche of Tartous, where the number reached / 38 / objections were attached to the file and sent to the Directorate of Technical Services according to City Book No. 7135 / p. P on the twenty-ninth of December and is currently being seen before the regional technical committee for study to express its technical opinion.
Regarding the reasons for the regional committee’s delay in taking the appropriate decision, especially since it has been more than seven months since the file’s arrival, with objections to it, the Director of Technical Services, Mr.Ali Rustum, stated that there was no delay. He pointed out that in the first meeting of the committee after the corona ban, the achievement was completed, noting that the file needs a lot of work, drawing and approval, and many discussions about some details, not just a meeting. According to the information that the file will be submitted this week or next week to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in order to settle the dispute about one of the amendments, and then the minutes of the regional committee held on the 30th of last July will be certified, indicating that it will be put into practice … However, it is feared that the Ministry will delay studying the file for several Additional months.

Source: Al Watan