With a completion rate of 100% of the annual plan amounting to / 4 / billion pounds and a value exceeding 1.7 billion, the branch of the General Company for Roads and Bridges in Homs completed its planned works for the first half of the current year, according to what the branch manager, engineer Shahid Hallas said, despite the commitment to apply the precautionary measures and the necessary precautions to address the Corona virus and severe weather conditions during the winter season.

Hallas added that these projects are considered one of the important and vital projects that the company is working on implementing, which is / implementing infrastructure in the fourth and sixth sectors in the new western rugged expansion area that serves about 151 residential towers spread over an area of 83 hectares and includes road and pavement works Gardens, sewage networks, water, electricity, and telephone.
-implement the road leading to the treatment plant in the industrial city of Hasia to connect the station with the industrial city and serve it with a water line.
Eng. Hallas explained that the company’s branch is implementing a number of projects with the Technical Services Directorate in Homs aiming to link the villages of the countryside with each other and with the provincial center / Arqaya Road _ Al-Zeebq _ Al-Hafruh / Ain Al-Ajouz Road _ Al-Falatiya / Al-Hithmiyah Road / Al-Zoghurra Village Road in addition to rehabilitating the roads In the northern countryside, at a value of 800 million pounds, to eliminate the effects of sabotage terrorist acts from the region.