The branch of the General Company for Building and Construction in Hama has completed the first phase of the youth towers project in Al-Wafa suburb in the city of Hama, at a cost of more than 480 million Syrian pounds. Eng. Ghiath Ajamiah, the company’s branch manager, said that a contract has been concluded with the General Housing assituation to cover these two towers with a cost of about 176 million pounds, which includes the works of floor tiles and drawers, the installation of aluminum windows, wooden doors, paint and other works as well as putting the finishing touches to cladding the fronts of the two towers with the installation of floor and upper cabinets, Noting that the two young towers each contain 12 floors with a floor area of 9630 square meters and an area of 90 square meters for one apartment. With a total of 96 apartments, also there is a service floor in both towers. The Eng. Agamia, added that the value of the works carried out by the branch since the beginning of this year until last June amounted to one billion and 390 million pounds, Pointing out that the company’s branch is working on the implementation of many important vital projects, particularly the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment in the wastewater treatment plant project in Masyaf, which includes pumping and treatment units, chlorination, electrical panels, control and other equipment. It is expected to be completed within a short period of the current year, in addition to the implementation of many important projects contracted with the General Organization for Drinking Water in the governorate, where 3 pumping rooms are being implemented in the city of Hama, in the neighborhood of South Malaab, and near the headquarters of the Arab Women Association and Al-Jub roundabout, with rates exceeding 80% Percent, at a cost of 96.664 million Syrian pounds. In addition to the drinking water project in the village of Al-Laqba in the western governorate, in which the implementation rate reached 55 percent. The project, with a total cost of 311 million pounds, includes the implementation of a ground tank with a capacity of 200 m3 with the extension of lines to install and install two pressure compression tanks, the first with a capacity of 100 m 3 and the second with a capacity of 30 m 3 with the delivery of water to subscribers In the village as well as the Salhab water project, which is nearing completion with an implementation rate of 98 percent of it, at a cost of 60 million pounds, and included the implementation of 3 pumping rooms and liquefaction and pumping lines in the areas of two Salhab and Muharda units.