Riad Ibrahim, Director of the Directorate of Decree 66, stated that directing eviction warnings to residents of the second organizational zone have been suspended until housing is secured for the alternative and for the continuation of the educational process in schools within the area.

He pointed out that the committees for resolving disputes in the second organizational area finished their work and shares were distributed in the first and second months of the current year, and since the beginning of the year there have been 6 thousand lawsuits to resolve disputes, the number is now about 600 cases or less, and by the end of the current year, the committees have finished all Its work has been prepared, schedules and committees for determining the values of divisions and determining the values of real estate by 95%. During the first month of next year, quotas will be distributed indicating that in the first organizational area, construction permits were granted to the regulatory photographer 101, 17 licenses were issued and there are 43 licenses still being studied between the Directorate of Organization and the Syndicate. The engineers will be issued soon, meaning that there are 60 license applications so far.

With regard to the right of the subscriber to assign the shares, Ibrahim indicated that according to Resolution 1249 issued in May of this year, the subscriber allowed the assignment during subscription or assignment.