The concerned authorities in the city council of Aleppo implemented the proposals of the council’s public safety committee to remove the suspended blocks from the damaged buildings that constitute a danger to public safety in “Bustan Al-Qasr” neighborhood,
And continues to demolish five “high-risk” buildings in Karam al-Qatirji neighborhood: that work continues to demolish the structures that are in danger of falling.

When “Karm Al-Qatirji” witnessed on the 9th of this month, the front part of the building of an unoccupied and high-risk building collapsed, according to the description of “public safety”, during the restoration of the building without a permit, which led to the death of a construction worker and the injury of 11 others.

The head of the city council, Mr. Maad Al-Madlaji, then reported to Al-Watan that the owner of the building, which was previously destroyed by the actions of the terrorists, resorted, without a restoration license from the council, to entering workers to the building and carrying out the restoration of the building without the knowledge of the council, which caused The roof collapsed on the workers.

The City Council continues to work on the rehabilitation of streets, sidewalks, and gardens, with the aim of improving the service reality of the city and restoring shelters to it.
Yesterday, the municipality started the work of skimming and preparing to extend the road from the Shehan roundabout towards Nile Street Roundabout as part of a contract to rehabilitate the aforementioned street from the commitment of the Military Construction Implementation Corporation in Aleppo.

The municipality also embarked on the work of preparing the “Al-Qalaji Square” site to start the asphalt asphalting project from the “Paris Junction” towards the square, as part of a contract for asphalting streets within the Syrian Services Directorate from the General Company for Roads and Bridges pledge.
Work continues on projects to rehabilitate the sidewalks and buttocks from the platform of “Al-Furqan Park” towards the University Square and from there down to the construction bridge, with a commitment from the General Company for Building and Construction.

On the other hand, the city council started the work of a rehabilitation project: the Khalidiya Park behind “Ammar bin Yasser Mosque and the Furnace Garden with a pledge from the Military Housing Foundation, Aleppo branch.
Yesterday, the council followed up the asphalt maintenance work in Al-Kallaseh neighborhood, Al-Qabaqib Park Street, and in the Al-Manshiya area: all the way to Farhat Square, and in Al-Andalus neighborhood: in the Northern Ring Road, and in the neighborhood of 1070 apartments in Al-Hamdania, except Pavement maintenance works behind Al Kawakibi Garden.