The prices of building materials in Syria continue to reach record highs and incredibly mindfulness. Today, the cost of covering a 100-square-meter apartment has increased between 10-15 million SP.
The crazy and unprecedented rise in the real estate market is mainly due to the rise in building materials, as the price of a ton of brominated steel jumped almost four times during the last five years, while the price of a ton of cement intended for construction jumped more than 214%.
According to the “Business 2 Business” index for building materials, we notice that the ton of brominated iron reached on July 30, 2020 between one million and 475 thousand and 600 thousand.
And compared to the past five years, we notice that the price of a ton of steel increased by 247% from what it was in the same period last year, meaning that the ton increased from 400-425 thousand on July 30, 2019 to one million and 475 thousand and one million 600 thousand pounds.
While the price of a ton of steel jumped 315% compared to 30 July 2018, which reached about 355 thousand pounds.
And it rose by 322% compared to July 30, 2017, which reached around 350 thousand pounds.
In comparison with the year 2016 only, the price of a brominated steel ton increased by 364% from 318 thousand pounds to one million and 475 thousand pounds in July 2020, which means one ton increased its price by one million and 157 thousand pounds during five years.
As for the year 2019, the price of cement ranged from 55 to 60 thousand pounds, an increase of 50 thousand, so that the price of tons per year increased by 83%.
While the price of a ton of cement jumped to 120% compared to its price in the year 2018, which ranged between 45-50 thousand pounds.
And it increased by 156% compared to its price in 2017, which ranged between 40-43 thousand pounds.
When the price of one ton increased by 75 thousand between July 2020 and July 2016, an increase of 214.49% during five years.

The real estate market has become (out of logic), as the cost of covering the apartment is more than its price, so no citizen will be able to return what was destroyed in the short term.