Director General of the General Organization for the Hejazi Railroad, Hassanein Ali, revealed that an order was given to the investing company to start implementing its commercial project consisting of a five-star hotel and a commercial complex on the property 748 in the Hijaz region. He pointed out that the minimum cost of the project is more than 25 billion Syrian pounds, and the Foundation’s share of the project’s revenues is 16 percent annually or 1.6 billion Syrian pounds annually, whichever is more, and this percentage increases at a rate of 5 percent every three years, bringing the total allowance to more than 103 billion during Investment period, and an annual average of 2.3 billion Syrian pounds. He indicated that the Foundation is only committed to providing land, which consisted of modest wages, a gas station and a café.
And this project was contracted through the Ministry of Tourism within the framework of the promotion it recently established to offer tourism investment projects in various regions of the country.