The Syrian Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade agreed to the request submitted by the two Russian companies, Mercury and Villada, to open two branches of them in Damascus, whose goal in Syria is to explore, develop and produce oil.
The Ministry granted the two companies a certificate of registration for their branches in Syria, and their headquarters are located in Damascus – Shaalan, the land of the Amber Building, Taj al-Din al-Sabki Street, according to the decision that Al-Eqtisadi reviewed.
“MERUCRY Mercury” has a capital of 7.35 million rubles, “Dmitri Vasilievich Greenkiv” has been appointed as the manager of its branch in Syria, while “VELADA VILLADA” has a capital of 7.3 million rubles, and “Ildara Kamilievich Zaribov” was chosen as the manager of its branch in Syria.

In October 2020, a branch of the Russian company “STG Technology” was opened in Damascus. Its main objective is to provide services in the fields of oil, gas, mineral resources, and the trade of raw materials, minerals and chemicals.
At the end of 2019, the economy allowed the Russian company, Stroytransgas, “STG”, to open a branch in Damascus in the Aburmana area, and Zakhid Shakhsovarov was appointed general manager of the branch, with a capital equivalent to 2 million rubles.
STG’s tasks focus on extracting and producing mineral, compound and nitrogen fertilizers, providing services in the field of extraction of natural resources, producing inorganic chemicals, producing cement, lime and gypsum, assembling industrial machinery and equipment, and developing building designs.

The Russian “Stroytransgas Company” is currently investing the factories of the “General Fertilizer Company” in Homs for a period of 40 years, in addition to “Port of Tartous” for a period of 49 years, and the phosphate ores from the mines of Eastern Palmyra, according to contracts recently ratified by the concerned authorities.