The cost of repairing a house not exceeding 70 meters is 15 million today, while equipping a two-room house by installing two wood doors, aluminum doors, windows and 3 water mixers, exceeds two million pounds without installing floors, paint and any accessories?!

As the prices of building materials increased by more than 200%, and the argument on the lips of merchants in the event of a rise is the price of the dollar, and there was no material left to enter the building except for a prolonged rise, as the price of a meter of ceramic reached 7 thousand pounds, while its price did not exceed 2000 pounds, and the price increased A cement bag within 3 months reached 7 thousand pounds, while it did not exceed 2,400 pounds, and the price of the tiles became 3 thousand pounds while it did not exceed 1200 pounds, not to mention that a centimeter of stone became 3 thousand pounds while its price was 1200 pounds, while the price of a kilogram of iron reached 3 thousand pounds, while It did not exceed 800 pounds, and the cost of civilizations that included (sand and gravel) increased by 50%, so the price per square meter exceeded 10,000 pounds, while it was 5,000 pounds.

Industrialist Mr.Majd Shamshian confirmed to Tishreen newspaper that the price of iron and cement in Syria is 60% more expensive than it is in all countries of the world, for example, a ton of iron in Egypt is 430 thousand, while in Syria it exceeded 630 thousand, and there is no justification for raising prices to that degree, so most factories get The raw material in the manufacture of iron (scrap) free of remnants of the effects of war, and despite that they sell and price on dollars, indicating that if the import of raw materials in construction was permitted, prices would automatically drop, but all decisions come against the citizen’s interest.

Mr.Shamshian confirmed that the cost of a meter of construction currently exceeds 220 thousand pounds, not to mention the price of the land, and added: It is true that real estate prices are affected by the high prices of building materials, but like any other commodity it is affected by supply and demand, indicating that Damascus is more expensive than all countries in the world in real estate prices .

The industrialist Muhammad Al-Saeed saw that the high price of real estate is not in construction materials but in cladding materials, for example, the price of a meter of granite is 30 thousand, while it did not exceed 10 thousand pounds, indicating that after the decision of the Ministry of Trade, the price of a bag of cement rose from 5 thousand to 6 thousand pounds However, in his opinion, cement is only a small percentage in construction. The problem with all building materials, for example, an ordinary aluminum meter now costs 30 thousand pounds, while its composition did not exceed 7 thousand pounds.

Al-Saeed confirmed that the cost of cladding at least one meter has become more than 100 thousand pounds if the cladding is normal, there are apartments of 200 meters whose cost exceeds 100 million pounds, indicating that it is true that there are national factories for iron and cement and others, but all the raw materials are imported, so their pricing is based on the price Exchange, but the problem is that the prices are not reduced after the dollar’s decline, as there is monopoly and exploitation by the owners of some factories.
Researcher in real estate economics, Dr. Ammar Youssef emphasized that the main criterion for the increase in real estate prices is the increase in demand for supply and the fluctuation of the exchange rate, especially with the transformation of the property from being an investment tool to a credit method like gold completely through which the citizen maintains the value of the currency he possesses, not to mention that the price of the property is affected by the location The location of the property is a real estate made of the same construction and cladding, the price of which varies between being in the countryside or in the city, and the increase sometimes reaches 100 times.

Dr.Youssef emphasized that there are speculators in the price of real estate who could take advantage of the recent cement hike decision recently issued by the Ministry of Internal Trade and take it as an excuse to raise the real estate price.

Dr.Youssef did not rule out a series of successive rises in the prices of different materials, especially locally manufactured materials by the state, such as smoke, as he sees. The matter will not depend on cement prices only, and the reason, in his opinion, is due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate and the state’s pricing on old exchange rates that it did not update despite the large increase in The exchange rate on the ground.

And despite the recent big increase approved by the Ministry of Internal Trade on cement prices, Mr.Yusef emphasized that this increase will not affect real estate prices except by 1 per thousand, meaning that the increase as a result of raising cement does not exceed 150 thousand pounds in relation to the cost of building from cement, indicating that the justification The only government to increase cement prices is inflation and the increase in the exchange rate, in addition to the financing problems that occur as a result of the fluctuation of the exchange rate, stressing that the government has become completely like a merchant, concerned with profit in the first place.