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05/12/2023 3:18 am

Director of Hasya Industrial City: An action program and road map for Syria... We are establishing a joint-stock company to generate #electrical_energy through solar collectors

The director of the Hassia Industrial City, Bassam Mansour, stated in a statement to Al-Watan that the oath of office speech is an action program for the next stage and a road map for Syria in the coming and near future, indicating that Syria will witness more progress and prosperity in the coming days and years and we will inevitably triumph over terrorism and its financiers. And its supporters, because we have a right, as Mr. President Bashar al-Assad said, especially since the Syrian people generally demonstrated their ability to withstand during the war, as did the industrialists who are considered patriots par excellence and stood with the Syrian Arab Army while they were behind their factories, machines, and laboratories. If it were not for that, this success that we have achieved would not have been possible.
He pointed out that during his swearing-in speech, Mr. President spoke at length about the issue of investments in Syria, and he was the first to encourage investment with Decree No. 57 in 2004, through which industrial cities were created in Syria. He explained that Hassia Industrial City is considered the only city that was not exposed to terrorism during The war was thanks to the efforts and arms of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, indicating that the investors continued to work during the years of the war and the industrial city continued and we received investors from all over Syria and even from outside Syria and the number of investors in the industrial city more than tripled during the war period.
He pointed out that during the recent visit of President Bashar al-Assad to the industrial city in Hassia, he was briefed on the industries of some investors and his visit had a great impact in supporting the industry and industrialists.
He stated that Mr. President spoke in his speech about the number of factories in the industrial cities that are currently under construction. He also spoke about the laws related to investment, the latest of which was Law 18 of 2021 regarding investment in Syria, which had a great impact in supporting and encouraging investors to work, whether from within the country or from abroad. Arab countries and friendly countries, pointing out that the industrial city of Hassia is ready to receive all investments and industries that will come to Syria.
He noted that Mr. President spoke during his speech about the issue of alternative and renewable energies that will support the electrical system in the industrial cities, pointing out that we are currently, in cooperation and coordination with the Homs Chamber of Industry, establishing a joint-stock company to generate electrical energy through solar collectors in the industrial city of Hassia, and a workshop was held at the level of The industrial city was concerned with the issue of generating electrical energy using renewable energies, whether wind or sun. This company will see the light soon and we will begin work to generate about 35 megawatts of electrical energy. This will support the electrical network in the country in addition to supporting industrialists with electrical energy.
He pointed out that the number of productive establishments that are operating continuously in the Hassia Industrial City is currently about 280 establishments, and the number of establishments that were operating last year was about 245 establishments, pointing out that there are 994 establishments in general in the industrial city.