Rebuild Syria

22/02/2024 12:59 pm

Having a prestigious location near the capital city of Damascus between the city and the international airport, Damascus Fairground contains the center features of multi-functional areas including exhibition areas and halls, conference halls that meet the international standards.


  • Total space: 1.200.000 sq. m this is 13 folds of the old Fairground.
  • Build exhibition space: 63.000 sq. m approx.
  • Open exhibition space: 150.000 sq. m approx.
  • Warehouses, customs, and workshops: 17.000 sq. m.
  • Services space (health center, media center, bank, fire-fighting, police…) 2.100 sq. m.
  • Business center: 2.725 sq. m.
  • Parking areas: 11.000 sq. m.